Jfc is Canadia even real

I live in Canada and I’m not even sure.

60 notes in and no one has noticed that I spelled Canada wrong…nailed it

It’s ok the leader of our country also thinks its Canadia.


How to get a boyfriend


How to get a boyfriend


some transparent dork gods

Haikyuu!! shoes ¥8800 x UBIQ


Generation of Miracles meets Britney Spears (Me Against the Music)
based on this video.

you have permission to laugh at aomine’s tagline. he was asking for it.



GoM+Kagami as Butlers!


KUROKO: He’s obedient and cooperative, but he’s not especially talkative, and many minutes were spent with his master in awkward silence.

KAGAMI: hell of a butler He’s attentive and great at preparing meals. However, his temper gets in the way when crazy requests were made of him.

KISE: Tries hard to please his master, but he’s not especially bright and that gets in the way. But even when he makes mistakes, it’s hard to hate him.

AOMINE: A lazy and disobedient butler that is not recommended for the average master. If you tame him well however, he proves a valuable asset.

MIDORIMA: A very typical butler with a very untypical habit of bringing odd items to work. But overlooking that, he’s helpful, efficient and intelligent.

MURASAKIBARA: An unmotivated and argumentative butler. The world seems to move at his pace, so don’t expect anything getting done quickly.

AKASHI: He would be an excellent butler except for how he looks down on others. Just don’t throw around the words ‘master’ or ‘servant’ and you’ll be fine.

What would the GoM, Kagami, imayoshi, hanamiya, kasamatsu, and hyuuga do or think when they came to the realization that they fell in love with a guy, even if they didn't think that they liked men?


KUROKO: He’s honest about his feelings, because even though he’d never been in love before, he knew this was unlike anything he’d felt for a girl.

KAGAMI: He stares at the guy in frustration, trying to figure out why it is he felt this way. Was it a fluke? Why did he get so stupidly nervous around him?

HYUGA: He’d try to avoid the guy, hoping the feelings would just die down in time. But it backfires, because Hyuga starts to miss his presence.

KISE: It took him a while to realize that he didn’t just like this guy normally, but that he was thinking weird thoughts about him… about his ____cchi…

KASAMATSU: He’s in denial with himself for the longest time. There’s no way he found ____-kun smart, charming and lovable, right? Oh shoot…

AOMINE: It was dumb, Aomine thought. This guy wasn’t his type, even if he was a girl. And yet somehow, he’s all Aomine can think about recently.

IMAYOSHI: He tests the waters, trying to meet the guy more. If the feeling won’t go away and remains romantic, then Imayoshi would have to face it.

MIDORIMA: It’s not so much the gender that confuses him, but why it was that guy, of all people? It was an outcome not even Midorima predicted.

MURASAKIBARA: Mura never found a man as cute as he found ____-kun. So regardless of anything else, he wanted to see where this relationship could lead.

AKASHI: Even if Akashi never liked men per say, he knew for sure he was in love with this guy. So he’d eventually treat it like any other romantic pursuit.

HANAMIYA: He finds himself glaring at the guy a lot. Though it was intimidating, Hanamiya was trying to figure out what he loved so much about this kid.