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Comprehensive Guide to Marrying Rationals



Why: INTPs are the nerds your parents warned you about shoving into lockers.  They may seem socially inept and probably don’t put any effort into being attractive now but once they develop that Fe, man do they get sexy. This is why you should marry one. It might be awkward at first but as you grow old together your INTP will become a great spouse that your friends will be jealous of. 

How: Get their attention first.  Do this be being more interesting than what they’re thinking of at the moment. Do you have a unique interest? Like underwater volcano science? If you can talk passionately about something that is interesting to you and the INTP they will actually pay attention to you instead of this new implementation for a dynamically allocated data structure in minecraft. Once you get their attention you just need to stay interesting and make all the first moves, and voila! You’ve married an INTP!




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ENTPs are maybe the most fun of the NTs. They’re basically outgoing INTPs who can chill with the introverts yet don’t mind parties. They’re always right and will debate your enemies to the death.

How: Similar to INTPs, be interesting.  However, this can be any kind of interesting and not necessarily just intellectual. Are you a chaser on your local Quidditch team? Great! Do you have a really cool aquarium that perfectly replicates your local biome? Awesome! Talk to them about fun things and let them talk to you about fun things. Most people don’t find the things ENTPs find fascinating to be a worthy topic of conversation so if they see that you like being talked at about their obsession of the week there is a high chance they will marry you.


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How: Be emotionally stable and intelligent. They won’t marry you if you can’t deal with your emotions, and if you’re looking for a shoulder to cry on in a potential spouse I would not recommend you marry an ENTJ. They hate people who make dumb decisions based on emotions so don’t be that person and you might have a chance.


Why: Ever dreamed of being handed the keys to a shiny new Australia? Ok so Doctor Horrible is probably an INFJ but you get my point.  If you want someone with whom to put in place your plan for world domination, consider marrying an INTJ.  They’re smart and can predict how pieces will fall into place several moves ahead. They’re confident, decisive and honest.  They’ll tell you what they think and don’t mind being proven wrong which is nice if you hate stubborn people.

How: Don’t be a peasant. INTJs value their superior intellect and expect the same from a potential spouse. It may be difficult to exit the “pathetic inferior being zone” with INTJs and there is no way they will date you unless you really show them you deserve to be in their “acceptably intelligent and worthy of my time zone”. The good news is that they have no idea how to handle feelings and romantic relationships so use this to your advantage.  If you can manipulate them into marrying you they will probably respect that (once they realize what’s happened) and decide that you are worthy of their affections.  

INTJ personality type traits


SEES SELF: as someone who must keep on improving what they know, and what they don’t know.

OVERRIDING NEED: independence and perfection in those things that interest them.

IRRITATED BY: people who pry too much into their private world, lack of commitment and imagination from others, too much supervision.

STRENGTHS: can organise ideas into action, work to remove all obstacles to goal attainment, have a strong vision of what is achievable.

SEEN BY OTHERS: as unflappable and self-reliant to a point of being intimidating, difficult to know.

DECIDES on the basis on what seems fair, may decide sometimes too quickly but willing to back track and reassess.

IRRITATES OTHERS BY: by been too demanding, too task-focused and taking too many things for granted.

CHALLENGES: may appear so unyielding that others are afraid to challenge them, may have difficulty letting go of impractical ideas.

INTJ personality in the workplace


INTJ colleagues

  • Fiercely independent at work, people with the INTJ personality type are “lone wolves”
  • Love challenges, especially if they get complete responsibility
  • Prefer working alone, mostly because they believe that others are only going to slow them down
  • Enjoy brainstorming in the workplace, as long as the discussion does not descend into arguments over details
  • Have perfectionist tendencies and very rarely give up
  • Cannot stand inefficiency or colleagues who refuse to use more efficient methods
  • Loathe manual work, especially where it can be automated
  • See little point in networking, socializing, or small talk at work
  • Intensely private and likely to deflect personal questions
  • Very sarcastic and highly likely to make fun (in their own minds) of less insightful colleagues by making them read between the lines
  • Dislike phone calls and prefer e-mail instead
  • Brilliant masterminds and analysts, able to recognize various undercurrents and tension between certain colleagues in the workplace and avoid them (INTJs are unlikely to use this knowledge to their advantage though)
  • Extremely judgmental—people with the INTJ personality type are likely to have very little respect for colleagues they believe are incompetent


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